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In a middle class family of India a daughter took birth who changed the destiny of her whole family, she was named Akriti. She was the fourth daughter of her parents and like other Indians they hated daughters. Here find also Indian girls from Nagpur, Vadodora and Agra girls whatsapp contact numbers.

Name: Akriti
City: Ahmedabad
Status: Single
Email Address: Akritikhannaio22@gmail.com
Religion: Hindu
Partner: mobile dosti
Whatsapp Number: +91738592742

Ahmedabad Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers for Online Friendship: Ahmedabad desi, College, Universites, Local, Housewife, Student, Simple, Gashti, Randi, Married Unmarried, Bhabhi, Chat List, Online. Though her mother loved all her daughters but her husband refused to provide for them She tried to convince him but he refused to spend a single rupee on the upbringing of his daughters and left them.

It was the time when her mother stood firm for her daughters and threw her husband out of the house as he was an alcoholic and it was not wise to keep in the house that was her own property. Akriti’s father was an acute case of alcoholism and he could even physically abuse his wife and daughter if he stayed with them.

Name: Rida
City: Ahmedabad
Status: Single
Email Address: ridafarhan12@gmail.com
Religion: Muslim
Partner: for marriage
Whatsapp Number: +91962047284

Her mother stood firm against her husband and worked day and night to provide for their needs. She enrolled all her daughters with a government school. She taught her daughters about dignity of labor and told them that the best things that a good person owns is his self-respect and dignity.

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