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Here Indian Ghaziabad Girls Whatsapp Numbers for Phone: There lived a pretty girl in a big city of Ghaziabad India named Leela. She was a strong young lady who was abandoned by her mother at the steps of a temple and so was taken care of by an orphanage. Here you also see Mumbai Girls Whatsapp Numbers, Pune Girls Whatsapp Numbers, Kashmir Girls Whatsapp Numbers and Indian Pune Girls Whatsapp Numbers.

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  • Name: kamini
  • City: Ghaziabad
  • Status: married
  • Email Address:
  • Religion: Hindu
  • Look: beautiful personality
  • Partner: Looking boy for flirt
  • Whatsapp Number: +919283018310

Leela was blessed with a sharp mind and have save beautiful data on whatsapp strong memory. Whenever she was asked about her future she replied that she wanted to become a doctor. By nature she was a polite girl but too sensitive about the life being so unfair but she used her sensitivity as her motivation and started studying very seriously.

There was an young lady who visited the orphanage on regular basis and liked Leela so much that she offered to support her for her education no matter what field she took. Leela studied hard and managed to get 89% in her 12th grade after which she was sure to get admission in a good Indian medical college which she really actually did.

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  • Name: Leela
  • City: Ghaziabad
  • Status: Single
  • Email Address:
  • Religion: Hindu
  • Look: middle class
  • Partner: Looking hot relationship
  • Whatsapp Number: +915201781910

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