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Name: Pushpa
City: Guwahati
Status: Single
Email Address:
Religion: Hindu
Partner: online Chatroom
Whatsapp Number: +919183720173

Pushpa is the name of a young women who had helped thousands of people come out of their shell and fight for their rights bravely. She was born in a middle class family where running a house was the responsibility of men and doing the household chores were the duty of only the ladies of the house.

One positive thing about the family was their love for education they love to provide for education without any discrimination of gender which is otherwise very common practice in India. Pushpa was a very intelligent young lady who wanted to do something that could make a difference if not in the world and if not in the world in her country.

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Pushpa had an elder brother and a younger sister, while her brother was taught how to be a responsible person and solve minor problems of the house as a man both Pushpa and her sister received tough training for household work.

Name: Dharti
City: Guwahati India
Status: Bhabhi
Email Address:
Religion: Hindu
Body Type: White Color
Look: chat with boyfriend
Whatsapp Number: +916279461903

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