20 Indian Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers 2018

Indian Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers – Anika is 26 year old woman striving hard in her life to survive. Fate has never been good to Anika but she has never blamed anyone for her fate in fact she has always been thankful to God for all the blessings he has bestowed on her. Anika once belonged to a very rich and wealthy family in Karachi, Pakistan. Anika was the only daughter of her parents and was the first born to her parents. Some girls of Indian are very beautiful lifestyle manners.

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Mumbai Girls Whatsapp Number

Name: Prisha

City: Mumbai

Email Address: prisharani4523@gmail.com

Status: Single

Whatsapp Number: +91612536364

Hi friends i am Prisha was lucky she completed her school from a large, prestigious school of Mumbai because her parents were very rich at that time of her life. I love to like whatsapp mobile numbers friendship. Anika has always been a special child with special needs. When Anika was born she was not a healthy baby in fact some of her body organs did not function properly and the doctors as well as her parents were afraid they might not function properly her entire life. As Anika grew her parents realized Anika was no ordinary child as she could not walk on her, neither could she speak nor could she hear.

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To this day Anika cannot walk, talk or speak with anybody. But Anika is a very smart and genius girl who has been gifted with a unique brain that can function very fast and has an IQ higher or equivalent to many renowned scholars and scientists of the world.

Delhi Girls Whastapp Mobile Numbers

Name: Shreya

City: Delhi

Email Address: shreyapandit22@yahoo.com

Status: Single

Whatsapp Number: +91736367341

Shreya completed her college from a special students college and then insisted on moving on in her life to secure higher education. Even after having to go through so much pain in life Anika has always been strong and has never led her inability of being a normal human come between her dreams.

Kolkata Girls Whatsapp Numbers Online

Name: Akshara

City: Kolkata

Email Address: aksharatuparia@gmail.com

Status: Single

Whatsapp Number: +91628452310

When Akshara was 25 years old she lost her parents in a car accident and Anika was left all alone. Later she deicded to live alone. But this time she changed her mind and want to friendship in whatsapp online chat. Her boyfriend also have whatsapp number but he did not give proper time. As Anika has always been in -capable of talking, walking or hearing she could not do anything as people drove her out of her house. Now as Anika is 26 years old she lives in a shelter home where she is surrounded with people like her, people who have a good heart like her.

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