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Some basic whatsapp mobile numbers of Mangalore girls for chatting on whatsapp. There were some medical reasons for Alisha’s mother due to which she could give birth to only two kids Alisha and her brother who completed their family. Some whatsapp number are posted and then removed because some sensitive issues were created.

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Gradually their life became normal when their son started talking, Alisha’s parents learned sign language and they started sharing their feelings with her. It created a strong bond between Alisha and her parents. Alisha told her parents that she wanted to acquire education from USA and get training for teaching kids with special needs like herself.

Name: Alisha
City: Mangalore
Status: Single
Email Address:
Religion: Hindu
Partner: Looking whatsapp friend
Whatsapp Number: +917409462184

Her parents were well to do so they readily agreed to sending her to America for special due course she completed her education and returned to India. Her father surprised his daughter by giving her a key to the small institute that he had built for his daughter to open an institute of her own.

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Alisha was grateful to her father for that wonderful gift. Alisha started an institute of her own where she helped the kids with special needs who could not afford special education by free schooling but charged reasonable fee for those who could afford it.

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