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Punjabi Amritsar beautiful Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers: Her mother was an expert in embroidery too and had good aesthetic sense, the only thing that lacked was the new ideas to bring her talent to use. Here also see Faridabad Girls Whatsapp Numbers, Indian Girls Whatsapp mobile numbers online for chat. Soha helped her mother by taking her to different boutiques with samples of some beadwork pouches and clutch bags.

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Name: Soha
City: Amritsar
Status: Single
Email Address: sohalipunjaban@gmail.com
Religion: Sikh
Partner: Looking for Marriage
Whatsapp Number: +91952351073

As her mother was a very shy person Soha had to stand on the forefront while talking to the boutique owners. Fortunately they happened to visit a boutique of a well-known brand where the owner was present.

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Soha was a sensible young lady so she did not miss the golden chance of meeting the owner and showed her some samples of her mother’s talent. The owner of the boutique was so impressed by her mother’s intricate embroidery that she hired her on monthly wages on contract according to which she could not sell her articles to others.

The work her mom did was enough for one boutique and she was earning enough so she did not have to sell her articles to others. It was all due to Soha’s efforts that her mother was earning enough to admit all her kids to a private school for their better future.

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Name: Sania
City: Punjab India
Status: Single
Email Address: saniamirzaka@gmail.com
Religion: Hindu
Partner: Lifepartner
Whatsapp Number: +918616071945

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