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Raipur Girls Whatsapp Phone Numbers List for online friendship 2018. India is a huge country with more than 100 crores of population, and in this densely populated country of the world was born a girl named Luxmi. The life was so unfair for her family that though. Here you also Kashmir Girls Whatsapp Numbers, Hyderabad Girls Whatsapp Numbers and Mumbai Girls Whatsapp Numbers online chatting.

Indian Raipur City Girls Whatsapp Numbers Online

  • Name: Luxmi
  • City: Raipur India
  • Status: Single
  • Email Address: luxmighourav88@gmail.com
  • Religion: Hindu
  • Partner: for Online chat
  • Whatsapp Number: +915863419023

Her name was Luxmi that means money she did not have a single penny to buy the necessaries of life. Her father was a gardener who worked in bungalows to earn his living. Luxmi studied till matriculation and had to quit education to support her parents in their struggle to earn respectable living.

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Raipur College Girls Whatsapp Chat

  • Name: Mehani
  • City: Raipur City
  • Status: Single
  • Email Address: mehanichaman41@gmail.com
  • Religion: Hindu
  • Partner: Looking friends
  • Whatsapp Number: +917839104610

Luxmi had three more siblings who were younger to her. Her mother was a decent lady who was also struggling to live a respectable life by sewing clothes. Luxmi was a very sensitive person and did not like people talking to her mom rudely. One day she just could not take it anymore and asked her mother to stop sewing clothes for people. Luxmi asked her mother to make something unique that they could sell at boutiques and earn better.

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