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Rajkot Gujrat state Girls Whatsapp Numbers for Chat Online: Some people who are born in this world have to struggle all their life to learn skills but on the other hand there are people who are generously gifted by nature. Samia is a Indian Rajkot cute girl who had so many talents that it was hard for others to leave them unnoticed. Samia was the second child of her parents, she had an elder brother who was a very studious type of a person. Some the whastapp mobile numbers of Indian Mumbia Girls Whatsapp Numbers, Delhi girls whatsapp numbers and Chennai girls whatsapp contact number here.

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  • Name: Samia
  • City: Rajkot
  • Status: Single
  • Email Address: samiakhangee@gmail.com
  • Religion: Muslim
  • Body Type: Slim
  • Look: online whastapp number
  • Partner: Looking boyfriend
  • Whatsapp Number: +914701782910

Samia was a total contrast to her brother she did not study much but her results were always outstanding. She had a natural talent is an interior designer. Though she belonged to a middle class family she had a room in the house where all the useless things were stored and she used them every now and then whenever she needed something.

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From her early childhood she had a knack of making home improvements and was capable of turning a useless thing into a piece of art. Right from the beginning of her academic life she wanted to be an interior designer.

  • Name: Suman
  • City: Rajkot
  • Status: Single
  • Email Address: sumannagrii@gmail.com
  • Religion: Hindu
  • Body Type: Small
  • Look: online chat
  • Partner: Looking marriage
  • Whatsapp Number: +9170186451064

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